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    Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go to School Book Review

    I cannot stress it enough on how important it is to read to your child at least 20 minutes a day. I believe it will allow them to learn to read and  it gives you both some bonding time together.  Anyway, let’s begin on this […]

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    Beauty & The Bees: Beer Shampoo + Conditioner Bar Review

    If you are looking for unique handmade skin and hair care products, then you should definitely take a look at Beauty & the Bees.  It is an all-natural beauty line from Tasmania, Australia. Yes, Australia and believe me it is worth to read further.  Beauty […]

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    Umpqua Oats Review

    Wow, I can hardly believe that school starts next week.  My daughter is quite excited to go back to school, I guess she is happy to make new friends and learn new stuff in 3rd grade.  Now it is time for the morning rush of […]

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    Back to School Zoo Packs

    I know most of you are getting ready to do some school shopping or you may have already started shopping for school supplies.  Well, we have also been doing the same, and believe me it can get a little overwhelming at times. However we are […]

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