Milk Jug Turkey Craft

As we all know Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So I thought, what would better than to make our own crafty turkeys. Only we will be making them with old milk jugs.


Milk Jug
Construction Paper
Pom Poms

The first thing to do is rinse out your milk jug and then let it dry. Once it is dry, paint the milk jug. We painted ours with a mix of orange and brown colors.

Then, cut out feathers for the turkeys tail. When Sophia asked how are we going to make feathers, and I told her we will cut out pointy ovals to make them. Then she kept singing “pointy, pointy, pointy”.

Place your feathers together and fan them out. Then, glue them all together at one end and attach to the back of the milk jug (the side that is away from the handle) and close to the bottom.  Now it’s time to make the wings. Cut out two smaller, “pointy” ovals and glue them to both sides of the milk jug. Next, take some black felt or construction paper and make two small circles for eyes. Then, glue them onto the pom poms. After you make the eyes, glue them at the top of the handle on both sides.

Now, it is time to make the wattle, which is the red part that hangs under a turkeys chin. To make that take your red construction paper and cut a skinny tear drop shaped piece. Then, glue the wattle just under the eyes and around the handle.

Finally, cut out a small orange triangle and glue it on top of the wattle, right under the eyes. There you have it your own Milk Jug Turkey. Oh, Sophia said what about the turkeys feet mama? So, I had Sophia trace her hands on some orange construction paper, and then we cut them out and placed them on the bottom of the milk jug. Now, we have our very own turkey, she said.

Now, what are you waiting for, go and make your own Milk Jug Turkey Craft!  Remember have fun with it.


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