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  • salad

    Healthy Delicious Salads

    I honestly have to admit that I have never tried salad in my life, until I came to the US. After having my very first salad I was totally addicted. The cool crunchy lettuce sprinkled with dressing had me hooked. Not only are they healthy, […]

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  • aboy

    Baby’s Gender Reveal!

    First of all, thank you all for reading my post and for answering my question. After reading all of your wonderful guesses and congratulations, I must say most of you were right on the dot. Now, let’s get the drum roll going. We are having a […]

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  • peainthepod

    A Pea in the Pod

    If you have been wondering where Show Me Mama went? Well guess what? Show Me Mama has been quite busy and has a Pea in the Pod. Yep, I can’t wait for my little one to finally be here. I am now at 31 weeks […]

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  • computerproblems

    Server Issues!

    Dear Readers and Subscribers: We apologize for the inconvenience. However, today we  experienced some server issues with our site. Due to the fact that the server was down and also our site, the host was unable to retrieve 3 of our posts that were previously […]

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  • gobble

    Thanksgiving Cupcakes

    I am very thankful for many things, such as my friends and my family. However I am also very thankful for cupcakes. I adore cupcakes because they are a small cake you can eat standing up, they are pleasing to the eye, and most of […]

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  • face-paint

    Halloween Face Painting Clowns!

    Oh, my where does the time go.  With a daughter in school and all her school and other hobbies outside of the home, you can imagine where all my time goes.  It sure has been a long time that I have did some creative activity […]

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  • slinkachu

    It’s A Small World

    Hi everyone. I was browsing the web and came across these amazing photographs by an artist named Slinkachu. They are macro pictures taken of miniature models placed in real world situations. I think you will agree with my at how imaginative and amazing these photographs […]

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  • drawing

    Release Your Inner Artist!

    We love to draw and paint around our house. It is so fun creating new and imaginative works of art. I can always catch my husband and daughter in the living room drawing pictures and then hearing them tell stories with the pictures they made. […]

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  • cupcakes

    15 Amazing Cupcakes

    We love eating cupcakes at our house. They are small, delicious and easy to pop right into your mouth. I can make a cake and there would still be a piece or two that I would eventually have to throw away. However, when I make […]

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  • starfall


    I have to tell you all about a site my little one loves to go to. It is Starfall, a FREE educational site to help children learn to read with phonics. When she asks for the computer so she can go to Starfall, I just […]

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