Glittery Gingerbread House Decorated with Love!

My daughter and husband were really busy over Christmas decorating their very own Glittery Gingerbread House and I thought it was the most beautiful house ever. It is sparkling from left to right and the colors are so vibrant, that you can see the Gingerbread house from a distant.

The Gingerbread house came with a few decorated items – basically the basics, but  they decided to grab anything and everything they could find in the pantry to decorate their gingerbread house to make it colorful and as awesome as possible. I personally think that it was the best Gingerbread house ever.  I hope you all had as much fun creating and decorating your very own Gingerbread house too.  I know it sure keeps the kids busy for little bit and we all really need that now and then.


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